Immanuel Baptist Temple - God Gave The Increase I Cor. 3:6
             OCT. 5TH  AT 8:45
         Oct0ber 13th  at 10:00 SERVICE
A time to meet staff, get info, catch our vision and of course eat Donuts :)

Immanuel Baptist 2013 Calendar At A Glance
22 Pastors B-Day,
23 -27Missions/Stewardship Conference
February-I Love Month
2 SuperSaturday-All Church Door Knocking 1pm, Prayer 3pm
3 I Love the Bible Sunday
10  ILove My Savior Sunday 11am Lord’s Communion
10 16  NO TV/Video Games Challenge Week -14 Happy Valentine’s Day! ½ day IBS
16 Church Valentine’s Banquet
17 I Love My Family Sunday
18 No School IBS-Presidents’ Day
24 I Love My Church“Teen                                                                                                                                         Night" come enjoy! 6pm service
 March-Springing ForwardTheme-“Hatfields and McCoy’s” 
2 Super Saturday All Church Visitation 1pm& Prayer 3pm
5 IBS Picture Day
10 Daylight Savings –move clocks ahead 1 hour
12-13 IBS 7th-12visiting Regional ACE Convention
12 Rescue Mission Service meet at church 6pm
15 3 quarter ends IBS
16 Church Work Day 12pm-2pm
17 Friend Day- (St. Patrick’s Day)(Potluck)Spring Campaign begins
22 ½ Day IBS “Easter Party”
24  PalmSunday- 6pm service “IBS Easter Program”
25-April 7 IBS Spring Break 
30 Knotts Berry Farm Teen Activity
31 Easter Sunday-Treasure Hunt Day Bus Ministry
April-Joy in the Lord’s House
6  SuperSaturday 10 am Visitation  12 pm AllChurch Prayer
7FunnyHat and Tie Day
8 IBS begins 4 quarter, 9IBS starts SAT’s
14 Pack a Pew Sunday
18-20 Ladies Conference Ironwood$140
28-Old Fashioned Sunday
May-Finish Strong__Masters mentrip possible
4 Super Saturday All Church Visitation 10 am & Prayer 12 pm/Food and Friends Teen Activity
5 Human Pinata Day Bus ministry
12 Mothers Day
14 Rescue Mission Service meet at church 6 pm
19 Church Picture Day 11 am Service/Teen Night6 pm Service
*26 Church Victory BBQ end of Spring Campaign & Camp Fundraiser Auction
*27 Memorial Day no school IBS
June-Outdoor Fun-                          
1  SuperSaturday All Church Visitation 10am & Prayer 12pm
3-5  School Camping Trip Lawler Alpine
8 DDDD (Daddy Daughter Dinner Date)
11 IBS Awards Program & Graduation
12 Last day of School IBS clean-up, lawn games & BBQ ½ Day
14 Flag Day
15  CarWash / Rummage Sale Fund Raiser
16 Father’s Day
29 Long Beach Aquarium Teen Activity and  “Jubilee”@ Light House Baptist
 July-Focus on our Family
1 –3  or 5 and 6  VBS
4 of July Picnic
6 Super Saturday All Church Visitation 10am& Prayer 12pm
9 Mission Rescue Service
9-13 Jr Camp, Sr Camp, Family Camp
15 –17 possible youth conferencePacific Baptist College Long Beach
26 Teen BBQ Annual Lock-In w/ Activity Schedule
August- Back to School
3 Super Saturday All Church Visitation 10am& Prayer 12pm 
24 Teen Activity Indoor Go-Carts & GoldenCorral
September-Fall in line with God’s Word
2 Labor Day
7 Super Saturday All Church Visitation 10am& Prayer 12pm
8 Grandparents Day
10 Rescue Mission Service
15 Round Up Sunday –Dress Western Style (TeenStay Day)
23 or 30  Christian Educators Conference ACE
29 Church 38 Anniversary ChurchBBQ 11 am Service
October-Harvest is ripe-(Possible Missions Conference)
5  Super Saturday All Church Visitation 1pm & Prayer 3pm
14 Columbus Day
19 Teen BBQ & Testimonies
2 Super Saturday All Church Visitation 1pm& Prayer 3pm
3 Day light Savings-move the clocks back an hour
7-9 Couples Retreat Ironwood?
10 Open House Sunday
11 Veteran’s Day
12 Rescue Mission Service meet at church 6pm
15 Teen Activity-Progressive Dinner
28 Thanksgiving
30 Thankful Sunday
December-Christ is the Reason for the Season
1 Candy Cane Sunday Bus Ministry
7 Teen Christmas Activity-Ice Skating
14 Christmas Caroling & All Church WhiteElephant Party
22 Candle Light Service
25 Christmas
29 or 31 Vision Service 5pm to 8 pm